The World Drone Prix in Dubai is the biggest race of its kind, bringing together the best pilots of the world to go head-to-head and push the drone industry to innovate and improve. The World Drone Prix had a total prize pool of $1 million, making it the largest such event in the world. I was a part of the small video production team that was the official film crew that documented the whole event.

Below are the highlights of this futuristic event that we filmed over the course of 5 days.


"The Drones are Here!" — WDP Track Making Of (Highlight Reel)

Official Qualification — Day 1 (Highlight Reel)

The Big Race! — Final Day (Highlight Reel)

Directors of Photography: Andrija Kovac & Vladimir Miladinovic
Editor: Nemanja Babic
Executive Production: Mina Padezanin