I'm Andrija —
Creative Director & Cinematographer
— based in Belgrade, Serbia.


With a background in graphic design and photography, as a filmmaker I am creating content on a variety of platforms, making documentary films, music videos and visual narratives. 

My focus is constantly trying to blur the line between visual and documentary storytelling. Driven by the obsession with aesthetics, I give immense amount of attention to details and the visual style of the project I am working on.


I am a partner and creative director at HNS Creative, a multidisciplinary event agency doing marketing, creative services and corporate events. I am also proud of the work I've done as a marketing director with the SHARE Foundation, a nonprofit organization behind projects in the field of internet society, arts & contemporary culture and human rights.

I run my Instagram as a landscape photography diary when I am travelling, and I am an avid cyclist when I am back home.